Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BOYS !%*#@!

Believe it or not, Nellie has been asked on a date four times so far.
1st invite during class - "You should go out with my friend Dan. He is a cute kid, look at him. He would like it." To which Nellie responds "No."
2nd invite during lunch - "My friend really likes you and he would like to go out with you." To which Nellie responds: "Okay then", turns around and leaves.
3rd invite - "Hey would you like to go out with me?" To which Nellie responds: she doesn't, she just bursts out laughing and leaves.
4th invite - "I want to go and watch a movie on Saturday with some friends. Do you want to come?" To which Nellie responds: "I have plans." To which the boy responds: "Oh, cold." and laughs. (By the way, these were four different boys. Ugh!)

BOYS !%*#@!


Megan said...

Well, I wouldn't blame them, Nellie is so pretty!!! I got asked out a few times at my school too. I just tell them I'm not allowed till I'm 16 and they are still my friends...

Melody said...

Not looking forward to all of that at all.

Beautiful girls you have there! I have a feeling that we will have bunches of posts like this.

Jordan Mathews said...

Geash he wont take a hint! Dont give in Nellie!