Monday, October 27, 2008

High School Musical Made Me Cry

Yes! You read correctly. This past weekend Kim & I took the girls to watch HSM 3. It was me or Jose, so you know who won. I really think these movies are overrated but when you have two teenage girls, you have to see everything with their eyes. It was cute to hear all the girls in the theater sigh everytime Zac or Corbin had a close up and they smiled. Towards the end of the movie, the are celebrating their graduation and it just hit me. I looked at Kim and said: "That will be Nashua next year!" I started fanning my eyes to avoid the tears, but it was useless. I can't believe it is coming so soon. We have already been receiving brochures from colleges. I am not ready for this. I still remember her baptism day and her big smile which was missing one of her front teeth. For all those out there who remember when we moved to Florida, can you believe she will be driving on her own soon? graduating in 18 mo.? going to college? single dating soon? I am not ready for this at all. I guess this is a glimpse of what Heavenly Father felt when it was our turn to leave Him and come down to Earth. It is a wonderful feeling but scary at the same time. I guess this is one of the "blessings" of being a mother: learning to let go.


Laurie D. said...

Wow! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. That makes me worry about how fast it will go until Brendan leaves for college.

Melody said...

It's crazy, I agree! You can cry to me any time!

I also know that it will be happening to me before I know it.

Will you be there to comfort me? I sure hope so.

Super B said...

Hey there! This is Donna's sis-in-law. I can't believe Nashua is so grown up! Time does fly.
Do you mind if I link you to my blog?
take care.

Jordan Mathews said...

Yeah I think Corbin is pretty cute myself his smile takes my breath away. And going out doing things for the first time on your own it can be fun but scary from my experience, so even though she may say that she has things delt with for her future she will still need you there no matter what the cause. And I wish you luck on that. See you at church!