Sunday, March 29, 2009

2009 General Young Women Meeting

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10

Have you ever notice how beautiful are the young women who live up to the standards of the gospel? I was thinking about that yesterday while Nashua, Nellie and Brianna volunteered at the City of Leesburg 3v3 Socer Challenge. They had their shorts at their knees and the other girls had shorts that show their backseat. These girls spent more time adjusting their pants than doing their assignments. My three girls were constantly telling them to arrange their pants. They sounded like little mothers truly concerned.

Last night we met at Friendly's with the YW and their mothers to have ice cream and then go over to the Berge's to watch the broadcast. It was a great time well spent. Our leaders are so amazing. They shared youth experiences that our YW can relate to. They focused on Personal Progress and goals they accomplished while they were YW. They shared the joy as they completed their goals and prepared themselves to enter the temple. Sis. Dalton encouraged us mothers to complete the new value introduced this year. It is the value of virtue and the color is gold. I was so excited. I remember working on my personal progress in P.R. as a YW leader. I have committed myself to completing this value. It will be great to work with my daughters to achieve our goals. One of the most happiest memories I have was when I received my YW medallion. Here is the link to the new value. You have to have Acrobat Reader opened to view it:

Listening to the YW from all over the world share their testimony in their native tongue about what they KNOW to be true refilled my cup. One of them shared that her experience visiting the temple was so amazing that she was going to keep herself pure so that she could marry in the temple and have an eternal family. These young women looked radiant. They were beautiful and strong members of our church, half our age that already knew who they were and what they want to become.

Pres. Monson was the concluding speaker. He was so powerful. I loved when he said: "Everyone is coming up with slogan's like 'It's ok to use drugs as long as you have a clean needle' or 'It's ok to have sex as long as you use protection'. Your reason for not doing this should not be because you can go to jail, die or end up with AIDS. It should be because it is WRONG!"
He was so powerful.I felt like he could have commanded a mountain to move out of the way and crumble and the mountain would have obeyed. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of my Savior and His plan for us. If you can, watch the conference or use it for FHE. Here is the link:

I am truly excited and looking forward to General Conference next week. It can only get better from what I saw last night. We are truly in for a great treat.


nanamoo said...

Thanks for taking Brianna with you to enjoy both of those experiences. I watched the broadcast when I got home and had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat for all the same reasons! The gospel is wonderful!