Friday, August 31, 2012

"Date Day"

Since José's teaching schedule has been changed to evenings, we have had to adjust a little. When school's off for one reason or another, he has to teach on Friday nights to make up for the missed days. Today our date night was changed to date day. Best yet, it was my date to plan. I chose the beach!!! After our routine morning run/workout session, we headed out to Combate Beach in Cabo Rojo. We decided to explore the area past El Faro (lighthouse). Usually it is full, but with today being a school day, we were in luck. We parked, grabbed our beach gear and were welcomed by this breathtaking view:
Could I ask for a better place to spend the day with Güiro (aka José)?! After soaking up some rays and swimming in the warm water, we hiked to the lighthouse and spotted two manatees swimming near the cliffs. We headed out around 1:30p. to get Güiro ready for work. On the way home we stopped at BK for a whopper. I know it beats the purpose of running, but let's face it - it was FREE and I only had 1/3 of the burger, 1/2 of an order of small fries, 1/2 of a small soft drink and two bottles of H2O on the way home.
Date Cost: Fuel ................... $5 Food ................... $2.90 Spending time with my hubby ................ PRICELESS