Monday, December 14, 2009

Secret Santa

Every year we spend Christmas with family members out of state. This year will be different. Plane tickets are way to expensive. Closing the shop for week is out of the question. So we've decided to go a different route. This year we will be doing Secret Santa within our own family. We only buy presents for the person whose name we picked out of Nellie's purse (we were in the middle of Best Buy with no hat in hand so we improvized). For several months, I have been saving the left over money from our grocery budget and putting it in an envelope labeled "vacation". So far, with the help of coupons and price matching by Publix (I love Publix), I have been able to save $500. Not enough for a roadtrip or plane tickets, but great for Secret Santa. Each one of us will get $100 to spend on gifts with a minimum of 4 gifts to purchase. This amount has to include tax, wrapping and card. The remaining $100 will be used on Christmas Day for brunch and a movie. We are so excited to go shopping for presents. We even created wish lists on so our Secret Santa would have an easier time shopping. I personally still don't know what to put on my wish list. I have the hardest time spending money on myself, especially $100 of not-needed-stuff. But I will convince myself to get over it and enjoy my presents.