Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catch-Up Time

Well, it has been a while since I have posted so her it goes.

Soccer season is officially over, I think. They won't meet again until June. It at least gives me a rest. I do not know how some moms have their children in more than one weekly activity.

Nellie is getting migraines. They are caused by high concentrations of sugar (chocolate, soda, etc.). So we did away with that. Also during her last soccer game, which was in the middle of the day, she was really dizzy and her vision was blurry. We had to sit out and since then she has been experiencing some "tickling" in her chest. The doctor did an EKG and said everything was OK, but she probably lost a lot of electrolytes and the heart being a muscle needs hydration. So hydration is the Rx.

Nashua has really bad allergies and the fact that it hasn't rained does not help. Her allergies turned into a sinus infection and now I have two sick girls at home. Her knee is not good either. Someone kicked it in a soccer game about a month ago and again two weeks ago. It is painful when she taps it. The doctor examined it and said it was the same as getting a bump on your head from an impact. The fluid has accumulated behind the knee cap. She has to let it heal for two weeks and wear a brace.

They both are all covered with bruises from soccer. Those girls are vicious. I did not think girl soccer would be this dangerous.

New callings - we just received new callings: Jose was called as the 2ND counselor in the Bishopric and I was called as the new Primary president. I know, crazy busy. I was crying because the girls were so big and I they did not need my help anymore. I was feeling sad that I didn't have any little ones to take care of and of course Heavenly Father is aware of us. Now I have a ward full of little ones to love, teach and spoil, but only the good kind of spoiling . I am so excited. My counselors and secretary are great. It has made the transition so much easier. I really admired Sis. Shipley for what she did. She was so great with the children. I guess it is the mother in us that makes it so easy to love these little ones.


Laurie D. said...

Good grief you have a lot going on. Perhaps I'll encourage Brooke to try a different activity than soccer. You're the second person this week who has mentioned how vicious girls' soccer is when they get older.

Congrats on the new callings. You guys are going to be very busy, but you're both incredible at whatever calling you hold. You're going to make an awesome primary president.

Melody said...

You will be amazing!

Higleys said...

Girls are far more vicious than boys when it comes to Sports.