Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food intolerances

My stomach has been sick for about two weeks. This is what I found out: I have food intolerances. It is not allergies. When I eat a certain kind of food, I get headaches, my stomach gets really bloated for days and my clothes don't fit. It sounds like my insides are having a percussion competition. I get nauseaous and have acid reflux constantly, lack of energy, dizziness. You would think I would be losing weight. Of course not!!!
My metabolism has slowed down considerably due to the slow digestion process and my stomach's lining being affected. To top it off, my iron is really low. So I decided I've had enough. I will ask for a blessing and stick to my prescribed diet.
Here is the list of no-no's:
Dairy (I can have less than 8 oz with my lactose intolerance pills)
Beef and pork
Fried or greasy foods
Refined Flour
High amounts of sugar
Poultry - dark meat and skin

Now I have to stick to water, dry cereal, vegetables and fruits, chicken and fish. I can have tea (the good and WOW allowed kind). I've noticed it settles my stomach better than any meds. I am only 35 years old. What will happen as I get older?


Higleys said...

Sorry about the food but it does sound like a great reason to stick to some better foods. I had a friend with similar issues she would drink peppermint tea.

Dan Chase said...

Sorry about your food intolerance. It stinks to get old doesn't it? I hope you guys are doing well. You guys are my heroes. Love Daniel