Sunday, May 18, 2008

Doc's Appointment

The girls had their appointment on Friday to get their second dose of the Gardisil shot. It is a three does series. Also, we had to see Dr. Patel for other things. Nellie has an ingrown toenail (it's been going on and off for a year now) and Nashua has a lump on the leftside of her rib cage. She got it from overdoing a pull-up about three years ago. The doctor thought it was a pulled muscle and said it should be okay. Now that she is back in swimming, it has grown a little and it is painful when she does her strokes so we will be getting x-rays on Monday to see if it is attached to her ribs or a floating mass. Nellie has an appointment with the podiatrist and they will probably have to make an incision to remove part of her nail. I am not looking forward to this. We will keep you posted.